one of may’s relative (let’s call him H) was interested in knowing me and may was sharing with me how she declined his request to know me.

i think she shared with her elder brother that H is interested in knowing me. her elder brother who grew up with H replied, “i don’t think chloe will be interested in him.”

one day, when the whole family was watching the wedding video over chinese new year, H asked May “eh, you haven’t introduce the girl to me.” may feigned ignorance and asked “who?” to which he replied “that girl…” and she suggested “chloe?”

and the rest of the conversation went something like that…

may: oh, she’s attached already.

may’s hubby: since when was chloe attached?

may: oh, recently only.




may’s hubby: how can you say chloe is attached when she is not? you didn’t even introduce him to her? who knows what will happen?

may: i know chloe! i know she will not be interested in him!

what amused me most was that it took just one stint as a bridesmaid to have her family know and talk about me me like that.

her mum welcomes me back to stay at kluang. her hubby invites me to join if they even plan on food trips around malaysia. may says i’m welcome to go to melbourne (or was it perth) when her younger brother gets his own house. now they talk about me over family gatherings like that.

such love and hospitality just because i care for their daughter/wife/sister.

feels really humbled and touched to be so welcomed by them.

which kinda reminds me of how nikko always share with her mum/elder brother about my various plights at home.

come to think of it, i’ve never invited anyone to my place to hang out before even though my mum has briefly met jenice, nikko and sk before during my grandpa’s funeral.




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