i am a treasure

dave, my long time online pal, msned me today.

after a day long of chatting, he told me to live each day like the last and say “i love you” to the people whom i love everyday.

i told him it’s trying to live like that because you end up fretting but i guess there’s always 2 sides to a coin.

as our conversation draw closer to the end, i said “you’re a dear friend just in case i don’t live till tomorrow to tell you that. haha.”

he said “haha. you’re a treasure and always full of surprise. take care. shalom.”

that made my evening!

i enjoy our conversations. we rarely talked because he is so busy being a 7am t0 6pm teacher, a father to 2 and being a good man of God but when we do, the conversations are always brilliant and funny.

it’s amazing after 10 years, we still reminisce about our first conversation – it was a night of witty and smart exchanges.

i seem to have lost all that.

life has dulled me!


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