day 23 & 24 – the daily smile project

i know it sounds really new agey but there are times where i feel the universe is talking to me. (!?) i do believe what “the secret” says!

anyway, little things in life makes me smile and this shall be the smile for today. however, i can’t write 24 without explaining on 23.  i was looking for ideas yesterday when sitting alone at the cafe and for reasons that’s hard to explain in words unless you’re the people involved, i settled on “coffee and tea”.

in the cafe, i scribbled something silly on coffee and tea. it made me smile. what gave me a bigger smile was the completion of 15 silly things and how everything fell into place on paper.

that was day 23.

today, i went to the coffee shop and got myself a cup of tea so i could slowly drink while slogging in office. but damn, they got my order wrong and gave me coffee and i realised what i wrote yesterday is not applicable to me.

that made me laugh.

i guess no one understands what i’m blabbling. haha.

i’m lousy at explaining inside jokes and what the universe says to me.


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