day 13 to 16 – the daily smile

due to my hectic work schedule, i no longer have the time to blog daily but i still take note of the things that delight me everyday.

i was sharing with beet the other day that it ain’t easy finding delightful things in our everyday lives. or perhaps, i’m not easily delighted. all the more we should strive to find something delightful everyday or else you’ll be amazed by how many days we spend living without delight.

day 16

– playing with my niece/nephew
– seeing nan quan uncle getting married. the photo montage is awesome.
– having a good conversation.

day 15

– completing 98% of the books for 2 companies.
– eating ayam penyet @ bedok corner

day 14

– meeting a friend for the first time in this great 2010. come to think of it, it’s my first time eating @ jumbo? i don’t think i ate there before.

day 13

– i don’t think there’s anything pleasant on this day. 😦


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