day 1 – the daily smile project

resolution #10.

what made me smile today?

showing parents the way to hilton hotel because they needed to attend a wedding dinner. it was nice to do something nice – a simple gesture saved them from getting lost – and it was also nice to let them see just how much orchard road has changed since the last time they were there!

2 emails i received from Beet today. the email talked about the highlight of 2009 and the dreams of 2010. it was really lovely.

what am i grateful for today?

  • the peacefulness at home today. no fights, no arguements.
  • i still have friends who care enough to wish me a better year.
  • that i still have money in my bank and that i have friends who are more than willing to lend a helping hand should i scream broke one day.
  • my friendship with nikko, jenice and syaiful. they are all so dependable.
  • the story of ZZBB is still happy and nice.

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