away from the shore

it’s the time of the year when you sit back and reflect upon the hits and misses of this year. man is the measure of all things. is there really a difference in the earth atmosphere on 31/12 or 1/1 if nobody knew a year has ended and another year has arrived? i doubt so.

since measurements are available for us to measure all things, we should use it wisely to reflect, review, restore, renew and remember our perspectives and our growth in the last 12 months so that the next 12 mths can be equally, if not, more brilliant.

“man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” andre gide

2009 wasn’t easy but it definitely was eventful. just as i was about to strike it off as another year of nothingness, i remembered the many things i have achieved and the many things i’ve lost sight on.

i remembered the low points of january to april – when i couldn’t stop feeling miserable about my career and my personal life. the tears wouldn’t go away, neither did the negativity that constantly clouded my mind.

with divine help and a quiet resolve to be better, i walked out from that depressing episode and a emotionally draining attachment and emerged happier. i was still fragile but very much stronger.

i also had the opportunity to know turtle on a more personal level – his encouragement and generosity did wonders to my soul.

one of the big achievements was clearing all the acca papers and being able to attend the graduation ceremony in may 2009.

after a tramautic 1st quarter, nikko encouraged me to change job. despite the initial struggle, i eventually made the choice to bid goodbye to my previous firm. the new place, though not as well supported as my previous firm, opened my eyes to a very different world. i left for personal growth and exposure so i have to make sure i keep growing.

the job change, the additional free time from less studying and the constant encouragement of turtle brought me back to writing and reading.

many new experiences this year – taking grad shots, experiencing an incredibly memorable farewell, making scrapbooks, being at the receiving end of a lot of care and love, planning and working on a project room revamp, holidaying at sentosa, switching over to mineral make up, moving away from drx skincare and trying a whole lot of other products, going for my first full physical, experiencing ballet under the stars, donating used stuff to salvation army, attending baking classes, being a bridesmaid, taking a train, going to malaysia alone, staying in a hotel alone and visiting many places in singapore for the first time.

i always thought 2009 was a drag but now when i look back, boy, did i achieve and experience much!

of course, i didn’t fulfil some of my resolutions. the most obvious non-achievement would be my guitar lesson has yet to start and going by the exchanges so far, i think i might have to sign up for classes instead. also, i haven’t quite break free from some things that still tie me down but i think i’m heading in the right direction on that one just that i still need more time. ah! i haven’t got myself started on volunteer work either.

there’s still many things i need to work on in my life and improvement is always continual so i will blog about my 2010 resolutions in a later entry.


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