new moon

afterthoughts of watching new moon.

  • kristen stewart is still gorgeous as bella swan.
  • i think movie goers now prefer jacob (going by the squeals and giggles in the theatre) because of his haircut and toned body.
  • i don’t know what on earth kristen and edward was mumbling throughout the movie
  • unlike twilight, there was no particularly memorable scenes of bella and edward, partly because they were mostly apart in new moon.
  • victoria’s hair looks healthier compared to her hair in twilight. bigger budget can do wonders to the cast appearance.
  • the movie was so slow in pace.
  • my favourite part in new moon was the blank pages after edward left bella. i like how the movie portrayed these dark and lonely 3 months.
  • realised i have forgotten most part of the story. i forgot what powers edward had (mind reading), i forgot what attracted edward to bella (he couldn’t read his mind)

i can’t remember much of the movie except kristen illuminating skin and gorgeous hair extension.



  1. Jacob Black

    I have read the books, but the films take the saga to a whole new level. Beautiful young stars, great cinematics and a sound track that rocks… Can’t wait for number 3. Oh well, i’ll just have to reread the books…

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