14 august 2009 : sentosa day 3

goodbye, day 3

we had a light breakfast at the resort before heading to the beach to eat our cakes. we sat by the beach for quite a while, enjoying the breeze and the sunshine. jenice being the sunlover that she she is sat in the open while i chose a spot with shade.

it was pure bliss – sitting at the near empty beach, with coconut trees at each side of me and plenty of cargo ships (my favourite) for my pleasure viewing. couldn’t help but be reminded of a picture i used to draw when i was in my teens – coconut tress, nearly empty beach and a boat – it was the epitome of peace for me and it still is.

we soaked our feet in the seawater – walking against crashing waves and sinking sand – until it was time to leave.

sure, it wasn’t tioman and we didn’t exactly leave singapore but it was still fun, especially for me because i’ve never really explored sentosa before. 😀

and you know what?

room 724 → 7 + 2 + 4 = 13.

hahaha. 😀


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