13 august 2009 : sentosa day 2

hello, day 2.

the goal was to explore sentosa as much as possible!

breakfast @ siloso beach resort
the exceptionally friendly service staff actually surprised me.
i guess being a pseudo tourists makes all the difference? haha.

the staff offered to take pictures for the both of us.
i was wow-ed by the sweet gesture.

a common sight at the resort. 😀
so cute.

we decided to get some sun at siloso beach.
the beach tempted me to be tanned but i reckon i would look funny when tanned. 😦

the skyride.
i lack hindsight. it didn’t occur to me what it will be like once i cross the first tower (i.e. what the horizon is like after crossing the last tree in the pictue) so i bugged jenice to get on the skyride.

my whole body went weak after this picture:

i kept very still. i grabbed the handles and jenice’s arm tightly. i kept quiet.
jenice on the other hand “wah!!! so nice!!! see, the view so nice!!”
and i responded wimpily “is that so? i don’t dare to move….”

the ride brought us to “imbiah lookout”.

the 131m above sea level tiger sky tower that allows you to take in a 360 degree view of the island’s skyline.

the next big thing under construction : resort world

i think it would be quite nice to come here for drinks on a breezy evening.

images of singapore – visit if you want to experience singapore’s colourful history through award winning images.
we, as pseudo tourists, didn’t visit.

the sentosa nature discovery centre is a place to learn more about the island and it’s habitats.

the elevated board walk behind the sentosa nature discovery centre – greens after greens.

the butterfly park

a display of butterflies at the reception counter.

the evolution of living creatures on Earth

i love butterflies because they seem like such mystical creatures to me. i especially love the especially big and dark looking ones because they are spooky in a beautiful way.

stepped out of the indoor gallery to the outdoor area.

i used to have a turtle like this at home.
a hundred times smaller, of course.

i was really delighted to see this – the toco toucan!!! 😀
so bright and so beautiful.

live butterflies

the other creatures in the outdoor area: –

i don’t know who they are but they just kept starring at each other while circling the cage.



and us. haha.

there were giant cockroaches, snakes, lizards and scorpions but i don’t feel like letting them grace my blog.

hee hee.

we took the skyride back down to where we first started. i was still afraid but less so.

then we took the sentosa express to vivocity because 1. we wanted to try out all the transport available on the island 2. jenice wants to buy havaianas slipper (the most comfortable slipper in the world).

afterwhich, we took the cable car back to sentosa after a light lunch at macdonalds.

i was totally excited until i saw….

the light at the end of the tunnel becoming clearer…

my body went weak immediately again when i realise ropes and a floorboard was the only thing that separated me from the sea.

a delighted jenice – she does not fear heights (maybe that’s why she is my good friend. haha.)

an uncertain chloe – she fear heights (maybe that’s why jenice is my good friend. haha.)

resort world

i couldn’t wait to reach the tunnel!!!!

we dropped by the cable car souvenir shop and bought 2 singapore t shirt. haha. just doing our best to be pseudo tourists. took the tram back to the resort because we needed to wash up before we explore sentosa further. the smell emitted by the tram stinks.

after a quick wash up, we took the bus to the underwater world.

i love sting ray – the hat fish – beautiful! the bigger, the more beautiful. however, i didn’t dare go near or touch it.

hi hi.

i went crazy when i stepped into the viewing gallery.

the -OMG!!!!! THE (insert sea creature name) IS SO BIG/UGLY/BEAUTIFUL- underwater world tour:

i was so delighted i asked jenice whether it was ok if we go for another round of viewing. 😀 naturally, she agreed!

peacocks outside the underwater world.
strange. haha.

next stop – dolphin lagoon to see pink dolphins! best to go early because you can barely see them unless you’re in the first row.

or you can wait till the end of the show and hang around the shore as people take turns to take pictures with the dolphins.

or better yet, pay $15 to stand beside the dophin.

we took a walk along palawan beach after the dolphin show.

my camera battery died on me at this point so we headed back to the resort.

back at the resort, the doorbell rang.
a very unexpected guest turned up with cakes.
i just OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG away.

we had dinner at the always lovely coastes.

after dinner, we went to buy a bottle of beer to drink simply because we have not done this together before. haha.

a day so well spent
and a night in good company.
thank you for dropping by with cakes
even when you were sick!

both of us were so pleasantly surprised!



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