the last quarter of 2009

time really flies.

we’re in the last quarter of 2009. i was reflecting on the last 3 quarters of this eventful year last week and i couldn’t help but be amused and amazed by how life has turned out.

2009 started out tough. syaiful told me repeatedly that this is going to be a tough year. yes, the first half was tough. i thought i was going to lose it at work and in my personal life.

a book lifted my spirit and turned things around in late april. nothing has been the same since.

i guess the biggest breakthrough for me this year is leaving the hub for a new working experience. the second biggest breakthrough is breaking free from the people and the things that tie me down. the third biggest breakthrough event is stepping into a very dangerous and yet familiar territory.

i tried finding my 2009 resolutions so that i can review my progress but i can’t seem to find it anywhere on my blog entries. i thought i wrote about it?


the only resolutions i remember are:

  1. break free from the people and things that tie me down
  2. learn guitar

i honestly cannot remember the rest.

i have done a portion of #1 but i don’t think #2 is going to happen despite my early proclamations that i will make sure my guitar lessons happen this year.

it’s ok. plans change eh? haha. 😛

i have decided to focus on 4 things in the last quarter of 2009.

1. my new job
2. pilates
3. reading
4. saving up for room revamp – i haven’t saved a single cent. haha.

i don’t think the room revamp can happen within this year though. before june 2010 is a more comfortable timeline for both myself and my bank balance. besides, neither me nor my sister seem to have time to really work on this project.

the truth of the matter is i know what i want at the end of the day is an apartment to myself so the effort to revamp the room is considerably a lot more than the joy i would get from it.

however, my dream apartment would probably take another 10 years before it materialise, so it makes sense to revamp the room eh?

i mean, the journey of a thousand miles begin with one single step and i shall take this small scale project to prep me for the bigger project in the future. haha.

i wanted to talk to my second uncle last evening about this but i forgot.

maybe i should just ask him out for tea someday!


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