12 aug 2009: the trip that never happened

a long time ago in august, i briefly blogged about our adventurous trip to tioman that never happened.

now i finally have time to blog about the whole trip in pictures.

12 august 2009

our first time @ seletar airport.

we waited for a long time in the sweltering heat. the indoor waiting area was fully packed with tourist.

i think there was another delay because i remembered waiting for a very very long time. we even had time to witness a fire drill.

@ 3.45pm, we finally checked in and we waited for our 4pm flight.


and then the agency people told us, without a hint of regret, that the flight is cancelled.


here’s another reason why iphone rocks.

we googled for the next best place to go since tioman was out of the question. we didn’t know how to get to batam by the evening. we searched lovely boutique hotels in singapore. we decided to go to sentosa instead and spend 3D2N at the siloso beach resort.

i called KL to cancel the tour package. i called siloso and told them i’m heading over now.

it was really funny and fun. 😀

in the cab to sentosa.
i was still on the phone giving my details to the reservation department.

the amount of $$ we paid to get from seletar airport to siloso beach resort, sentosa.

both of us were so wowed by the lush greenery as we made our way to the room.

view from the room!

our little comfy deluxe room.

i was really hyper from the adrenaline rush of the sudden change in plans. haha.

and we were both strangely fascinated with the glass panel in the bathroom.

since it was already evening, we decided we should go catch the much talked about “song of the sea”.

$15 bucks for a photo.
out to burn wallets!
but i guess it’s ok because we’re sorta tourists and tourists are always sorta willing to spend. 😀

we spend the evening walking around sentosa.
this caught our eye but i’m not sure what it is. it leads to the incredibly romantic merlion walk.

the merlion’s walk.

we headed back to the comfort of our room because we were so tired and sweaty. took a slow and enjoyable shower and ordered room service. the food’s delicious!

watched tv, chatted, iphoned and read “the bell jar” before heading to bed.

i think it’s great that we no longer sleep late just because we’re on holidays. we make it a point to sleep on time and wake up early.

we did so and went for a morning swim at 8am. 🙂



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