the kite runner

i saw a sight i haven’t seen in a long long while : – kites flying in the sky.

the sengkang sports & recreational complex is located at LRT farmway station. beside the complex are big empty fields where people go to fly kites.

as we stepped out of the station, we saw kites and we were both so fascinated by it because it has been so long since we 1. saw kites up in the skies 2. went kite flying.

my dad used to bring us kite flying – i think we did that at bedok reservoir. wouldn’t it be nice to go kite flying with him again? i always associate kite flying with my dad.

jenice and i have decided to go kite flying someday but we have no idea where to buy beautiful kites. haha.


i don’t know how to describe in words how i felt when i looked up into the big blue sky and see colourful kites flying against it. i felt peaceful. i felt innocent. i felt a quiet delight.

i want to feel that way again.


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