noises from the water

so i went swimming last evening at a public pool in seng kang.

i tend to overlook important annoying details when i am excited about doing something until i come face to face with the important annoying details.

as i waited forever to get into the changing room, i remembered i once blogged about how much i hated public pools and i completely flipped when i realised i was supposed to have sworn off public pools.


haha. gosh.

swimming with jenice at the public pool is always great because she is not as anal as me when it comes to parents/kids crowd and slippery wet floors so she comforts me with her positivity. 😀

but we both were annoyed with the locker because it couldn’t be opened and when had to walk half way across the complex to find lifeguard #1 for help. lifeguard #1 couldn’t open the locker so he went to find lifeguard #2. lifeguard # 2 opened the locker and turned to us with a smirk (i wished i could slap it off) on his face.

pui! open locker only what…

pity i forgot to bring my goggles and i had to pay $18.90 for a goggles i have absolutey no love for. 😦

while lounging at the pool, we looked up and saw a row of foreign workers looking down at the pool from level 2. we looked at each other quizzically, laughed and decided it was time to leave the pool.

being in the changing/shower room always make my blood boil.

i didn’t have to wait for a shower stall but i had to shower while listening to a family of mum, grandma and a few kids fight it out. one of the girls was screaming and crying for mcdonalds. the mum was trying to tell her off. she even glared at me as i walked into the shower stall.

and i just stared back at her.

i actually sighed as i showered.

i can’t stand anyone (old, young, man or woman) who fight/cry/raise their voices in public because it’s as disgusting and ugly as spitting or littering or peeing.


my mind just reminded me of a scene i witnessed at tanjong pagar mrt station many years ago. an old lady cleaner was standing at a corner screaming into the phone because her kid didn’t want to go to school. it was utterly heartbreaking to hear the disappointment and desperation in her voice. at that moment, i wished i could do something for her but i obviously can’t.

all i could do was to worry about this poor lady all day and wondered why the kid didn’t want to school.

that’s why music on the go is very important to me.

i don’t know any other way to fend off external noises from my already noisy mind.


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