the LAST series: birthday celebrations

24 july 2009

i was very very happy that day. i believed it was written all over my face because nurul came up to me and whispered in my ears “i don’t know why but you look very very pretty today.” haha.

a birthday surprise was the last thing on my mind that morning but i realised something was amiss when EVERYONE in the department was gathered in the office – hanging around waiting for something to happen. i remembered asking edmund “why are all these people gathered here?” he just shrug in response.

no wonder. 😀


the department was bustling with activities because of the outing in the evening. i remembered i was busy handling over my duties to other people. boss also bought us tea.

i just realised july 24 (7.24) is also the number of the room i was staying in at siloso beach resort. both of them adds up to 13.

see, 13 is magical.

it is also the day i chanced upon a note that reads:

you came like a comet
and blazed through the skies
my world stood still
as i watched you lit up my life
the momentary brightness
captivated my whole being
i reached out to grasp it
wanting to make the moment last forever
but you were too high, too far and too unreachable.

the skies lost you in the blink of an eye
you came like a comet
blinded me
and then made me cry

i sighed as i read the note.

and i remembered a saying from a wise man, “sometimes, you don’t have to stretch to reach, just open your palm and let it willingly fall onto you.”

“oh, so you’re going to fall into my palms” – “i am afraid, yes.”

i brought my team out for lunch at vivocity and came back to office for surprise number 2.

ms sandy told me she was very down and wanted to chat with me. i told her to give me an hour because i needed to do handover. the handover was postponed and subsequently cancelled. i offered to go over to meet her but she wanted to meet me at the stairs.

so we met but someone let the cat out of the bag by asking sandy the location of the surprise. duh!

i was still very happy to step into a room filled with people i love and who actually loves me back. haha.

i always make the same birthday wish – to be happy, healthy and rich always. haha.

jenice, the lady behind the surprise, presented me with my farewell + birthday gift – an agnes b tote (i have half a mind to collect all the totes since they come up with a new colour every season), a birthday card and capitaland mall vouchers.


and the hug everyone was asking for…

thank you everyone for all your love and fun!
syaiful, i wish you were there!

everyone left except for lawrence, jenice and mac.

jenice stayed for obvious reasons because we are 姐妹花。

mac stayed because 1. he actually considers me a good friend 2. syaiful wasn’t around 3. he will not be around for my farewell.

lawrence stayed because we share a pre-corporatisation bond. before we met, i was the voice he look for at hq when he needed assistance with counter closing and cheque payment. he always told me it was so refreshing to hear a young, lively and energetic voice as compared to the people who used to attend to his calls. haha.

mac is so tall…

we cleared the room and both mac and jenice walked around the compound with me to distribute cakes. it was very nice.

i was searching for my boss so i could give him the cake. when i finally saw him, he just smiled at me, said some gibberish nobody understood, and left without taking my cake.


never give face.

on a brighter note, special thanks to jenice and syaiful for everything.

your still owe me birthday dinner.


ps: syaiful gave me a purple adidas jacket on the following day. i asked him why give jacket and he said “so that when you go to your new company, you can wear it when you feel cold.”

wahhhhhhhhhh………. thank you kns friend for your thoughtfulness. i wear it every saturday when i go for pilates. 😀


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