coco before chanel


i loved every moment of this movie.

i was tempted to buy a book on this icon to know more about her. i decided against it eventually because i want to remember gabrielle “coco” chanel the way she was portrayed in the movie.

the truth does not always matter to me.


i enjoyed watching coco’s relationship with french playboy and millionaire etienne balsan and former best friend of balsan, arthur “boy” chapel. it’s interesting to watch how 2 different man show their love and concern for her in 2 utterly different ways and how she responded to their affections.

coco with balsan


coco with boy chapel.



my favourite part of the movie, which i thought was very fine acting on the part of audrey tautou, was when she came back from a holiday by the beach with boy. headstrong, hardy, strong pride and i-dun-need-a-man-to-survive coco ran to her sister’s place and told her she had this strong urge to marry boy.


in the next scene, she was sitting at the living room with balsan, chatting with him and making hats. balsan told her that boy was getting married to some wealthy english woman and the confusion, disappointment and heartache that followed was quite subtly done.

coco just went back to her room and stayed there for days until she was ready to come out.

when she did finally came out of her room, she heard music from the piano and followed the sound until she saw boy chapel at the piano.

very gently, without anger and mostly a quiet restraint, they spoke about his marriage, about their future and how do they go from here. coco said “i always knew i will be no man’s wife….better a mistress than a wife…” i can’t remember the rest but i couldn’t help but wonder how much of what she said is true  – especially when a few scenes earlier, she was gushing to her sister about how she wanted to get married.

something to muse about, i guess.

sometimes, people deny to self console. sometimes, people allow themselves to be temporarily lost in the moment thus letting slip of their true vulnerable self before getting themselves all guarded up again.

or perhaps, she loved boy chapel so dearly nothing else matters.

the heart works in mysterious ways.


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