the factory girl


i have always wanted to watch the movie “factory girl” because i love the whole look of sienna miller in the movie – pixie hair, black kohl eyeliner, leotards, opaque tights & chandelier earrings. she was playing edie sedgwick who was best known as artist andy warhol’s muse.

edie sedgwick

sienna miller as edie sedgwick in “factory girl”


“she would become his (andy warhol’s) greatest work of art. she inspired him. he immortalised her.”

i decided to read about edge sedgwick this morning and came across this article by marie claire. i am so sad that this sparkling, fiery and free spirited individual had such a tragic and unhappy privtae life.


i am rarely fascinated with artists – i am mostly fascinated by the things and people that captures their attention – their muse.

the unrefined, confused and tormented seems to illuminate and captivate in ways many normal people can’t. perhaps, character layering makes someone a lot more interesting – it gives depth.

like a comet, she lit up the scene and left the world at the tender age of 28.

now, i really really want to watch the movie.


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