be by their side

i chance upon 2 videos on dementia on michelle’s blog.

like michelle, this video made me tear too – it’s very heart wrenching. one of the scenes struck a chord with me – when the cantonese speaking grandma asked a young man “how do i go home”, the young man replied “sorry, i don’t understand you.” and walked away.

i don’t know how to speak dialect. although i try my best not to brush off someone’s plea in a foreign tongue with “sorry, i don’t understand you.”, i still wish i could understand and help especially those in need more readily.

one of the things i have always wanted to pick up is dialect but i never seemed to get around to doing it.


learning is a never ending process – i shall learn to speak dialect even if everything i say sounds funny.

i like the following video too…especially these sentences, “in 7 seconds, i am still your son” and “in 7 seconds, i am still there by your side.”

always heartbreaking when your parent forgets who you are (like how my grandpa used to forget my mum is his daughter) and inspite of everthing, she is still there by his side because she remembers he is her father.



  1. heng@pudding

    *thumbs up*

    granny’s video clip nicely done and shot in Chong Pang market.

    shall visit the same chicken rice stall to support a Healthy Mind… n stomach.

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