i’ve decided to leave your world

i’ve decided to give up on sophie’s world. life is too short to waste time on a book that increasingly frustrates me. the book was really interesting in the beginning but i started to lose my interest at chapter hume. philosophy is thinking in circles, sometimes.

i made the decision to give up at chapter bjerkely.

i would love this book if i was studying for philosophy. i realised i couldn’t remember anything i read unless i was seriously jotting down notes. since i wasn’t studying for anything remotely close to philosophy, i no longer want to finish reading it.

but i wanted to know how the story developed after bjerkely, of just how sophie and hilde world intertwined and i took the easy way out – google it.

so yeah!  i sorta finished another book. 😀



  1. shell

    I went through the entire book and ended up not remembering anythng significant. The only thing I remember is the dog. Sad man.

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