less reminisce, let’s experience!

me: i feel like eating prata.

syaiful: ….

me: have we eaten prata together before?

syaiful: nope. never.

me: ok, let’s go create new memories!

syaiful: by eating prata together?

me: yes, of course.

syaiful: anything also can…haha.

ever since i left my ex-company, i have been obsessed with maintaining my friendships. i don’t want to just ask about their days at the hub or reminisce about our old days at the hub. we need to create new experiences and memories.

just now jenice called and asked me whether i wanted to head out for supper at blk 85. i was thrilled but the time says 10.30 and they are leaving at 11.15 – it doesn’t make logical sense to rush down so i regretfully gave it a miss.

i remembered my last day at the hub where edmund stayed back together with jenice and waited for me so he could fetch us to eat supper together. we always did that. i miss the dessert we had together.

i really miss hanging out with my old team.

today, when i was having a conversation with big bad wolf, i realised how great my old team was –  the willingness to help each other out readily and unconditionally. i thought it was the natural thing to do only to realise now it’s not a natural thing for everyone to do.

mahjong, badminton, meals, cafes, chilling, shopping, swimming and movies….
let’s start creating new experiences!


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