the day i was teased to death by ah fu and mac

5 june 2009

we finally got the chance to catch up with michelle and her new love over dinner at choa chu kang farm mart. the place reminds me of malaysia.

it was a night so corny – me and see soon was just glad we had each other to talk to. haha. i don’t know why there is no picture of michelle! i was too drained from the verbal attacks of syaiful and mac to have my picture taken.

headed over to the other side for some wine and finger food.

finally a picture of michelle, the star of the night!

finally a picture of me – away from the merciless syaiful and mac.

not forgetting these 3 uncorny pals…haha.

i was so tired that night i almost fell asleep in see soon’s car, at dinner, at the wine place and when lawrence drove me back. everyone was so worried by tiredness. sorry about that.

am glad to see you in a happy place, my dear shell.
never stop smiling!
may you two always be this loving.




  1. shell

    abit the long right? 5th june now then put pics up? hahah..
    and you’re making me tear in office…*sobs* hahaha luv ya babe…:)

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