progress is good

i think i’m a workholic sometimes. i just can’t seem to stop finding something to work on.

i am either cleaning, blogging or trying to organise the remaining portion of my life.

i have cleared another section of the room last saturday evening: –


5 pairs of new shoes, lots of books and even more taiwan/japanese drama vcd/dvd. i have decided to give it all to salvation army. i wanted my dad to fetch me there last saturday but he didn’t want to because he wanted to go buy lottery. he volunteered to clear them for me at his convenience.


i decided to place all these stuff in the living room so he will not forget and of course, to make my room cleaner.


had a great time keeping my cds on saturday evening – english music albums


chinese music albums:


i found more of it in the cupboard and i decided to let i remain there because i was too tired to continue packing. hee.

sunday evening was spent clearing my beauty shelf. i threw away a bag full of perfume, lip gloss, blushers, new products, product samples and loose powder.

monday evening was spent tidying the shoe rack. feels great to throw away so many pair of shoes. doesn’t feel great when there is still not enough rack space after throwing away so many shoes. i still have shoes under my table….

tuesday evening was spent relaxing my mind and spirit away…

this evening i decided to clean my magazine clippings shelf. yes, i actually have 2 boxes worth of magazine clippings – places i want to go, things i want to do, advices i need to get into my head, self improvement, articles that mades me laugh, products/services i want to try, books i want to read, movies i want to watch, fashion styles i love…

i feel like buying a big book and fill it with magazines clippings and i shall named the book “things i want to do before i die”

me and my sister has planned to minimalise the room by mid sep. after which, i am going to meet up with people and dump the whole room revamp idea to them so all i need to do is to save money and let them do the job.


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