turning 26 @ rochester

26 july 2009
my birthday and the day i stayed up till 6am in the morning. i somehow managed to leave the house at 9am.

my birthday lunch with jenice @ one rochester park.

(i was sharing with syaiful on how unlocal/non chinese i looked in this picture and he agreed with me.)

i’ve never seen this place at night but what i saw that day in broad day light charmed the socks of me. there was a band playing great music in the background, surrounded by big fans and lush greenery and plush sofas – how can anyone not be tempted to take a afternoon nap here?

great place to lounge and read.

me loves it.

we had brunch. it’s worth every cent if you asked me.

everything i love is in the following picture: –

orange juice
ice water
scrambled eggs
hash brown

and of course…


thanks for the lunch! 😀
i know i was supposed to have you spend a bomb on my lunch but me & rochester decided to be kind to your wallet. 😀

let’s return here someday….


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