the LAST series : farewell, my belle.

a series of farewell celebrations.

30 july 2009

i came back from my farewell lunch with vincent, charlie & jenice and found 2 boxes of muffins from boss & shirley. shirley wanted to do something special for me and enlisted boss help to execute her muffin plan.

i squealed in delight when i saw the 2 boxes. 😀
everyone was saying boss’s drawing of a boy looks more like 1. dog or 2 monkey and everyone was wondering why the boy only has 3 strands of hair.

i guess some things in life are not meant to be figured out. haha.

i love my boss, i love shirley and i love the muffins they bought for me!

29 july 2009

syaiful treated me to lunch at our favourite hang out place – ayam bakar ojolali. he’s the person i’m closest to outside finance and since we are kns friends, i made him promise to meet up for movies/dinners/shopping at least once a month after i leave for good. 😀

28 july 2009

janet shorten her maternity leave to cover me.
this was my biggest concern when contemplating whether to go or not to go.
i’m grateful for the sacrifices she has made. my biggest regret in the whole farewell chapter was that i didn’t have enough time to prepare a nicer gift for her. 😦 i will find other ways to repay back her kindness!

27 july 2009

william & doris invited me to lunch. the cutest lunch invite ever. none of them dared to invite me in person. i received msn messages & smses from  when i was already sitted in the office with them.

william serving us soup.

the vegetarian lunch, recomended by william, turned out to be quite delicious. i can’t remember the exact location though. it is located in a corner on the 3rd or 4th floor of pearl’s centre.

thank you for lunch.

i’m already missing you all!

there were many other farewell lunches and dinners. some i was too forgetful to bring my camera. some i was too flustered to remind myself to take photos.

to everyone (zee, mk, jen, grace, tina, alice, sw, janice, edmund, charlie, vincent, shirley, annie and nurul) whom were kind and gracious enough to have a farewell lunch/dinner with me, thank you so very much!

and to everyone else (vanessa + LSL club gang) whose farewell dinner with me is still in the pipeline, i can’t wait to see you guys again!!!

to everyone who contributed in one way or another to my farewell gift (vouchers + a pink agnes b tote), who texted me to wish me nothing but the best, who shook my hands and chatted with me along the corridor, you’ll have my love always.

god bless!



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