the time traveler’s wife

i saw the trailer at the train station today and i felt my breath being taken away just seeing the words “the time traveler’s wife” appear on the screen.

my favourite book is coming to life! nurul has made a date with me to watch this together. we both love the book but i think i loved it even more. first book that tugged so severely at my heart strings. first book that made me cried for hours.

i’m going to watch with an open mind so i am not going to read any of the reviews. i will watch just to see clare and henry on the big screen.

i love the trailer already.

i am half tempted to pick up the book again.

it’s a beautiful love story and one which would resonate with people who experiences a lot of longing and waiting and not knowing in their relationship.

time traveling might be sci fi to some but to me this book simply speaks about distance in a relationship, of a man who had to take flight for reasons beyond his control, often leaving the girl he so love behind waiting, longing and wishing for his return. she never knows when he will be back. she never knows whether he will be safe. and she never knows where he will time travel to. time travel is probably a metaphor to describe people who are always not around.

the 40 year old self time travel and appeared infront of clare when she was 6. he already knew at that point that she was going to be his wife when she gets older. imagine knowing who is going to be your husband at the tender age of 6. when she was 18 and the man 40, they made love for the first time in the meadow where they often meet up. i remember being blown away by that chapter. in the book’s reading guide, it also posed a question on how the writer manage to word it in a manner such that it reduces or elimiate the discomfort readers might have in reading that paragraph. what made the story even more profoundly moving was that henry was killed in one of his time traveling episodes by clare’s brother and clare heard the gunshot when she was still a little girl…


clare is beautiful, smart, wise and artsy. despite the wisdom, she was naive and simple enough to love henry her whole life. she could have chose someone else instead of spending her life loving and longing after him but she did not.

and i guess this bittersweet, sacrificial and at times impossibly naive and selfless love story is the combination that made me so attracted and attached to the book…

in cinemas from 3 sep.

can’t hardly wait.


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