lusting after mac

i was sitting at cedele this morning thinking about the last time i saved up for something i really really love and really really want. well, i can’t remember the last time because it must be some 15 years ago.

i started to think about the things i would really scrimp and save money for and i came up with 9 items. i think i need to find a millionaire boyfriend to own and experience them all in say the next 5 years. or i must find a way to become a millionaire!

the item that cost the most is a small apartment only i can call home and the least is a dslr.

but i don’t need a dslr now so i shall look at the second lowest – which is my dream notebook, the 15″ macbook pro that retails at $2788 and if i were to add in ms office, the total amount payable will be around $3025.

#3,025 for a notebook?! i can buy 2 pc, i think. haha.

maybe i should just be more realistic and buy a 13″ macbook 2.53ghz notebook that retails at $2488 instead.

i have been lusting after a mac for years. i used the word lust because i have never used one before so i don’t know it inside out. all my desires for this product is based on what i have seen and read and i do love everything that i have seen and read. everytime i walked pass epi centre, unknown forces just pulls me to the macbook pro.

oh my god.

i love macbook pro.

anyway, i was thinking of the macbook so much i walked into epi centre @ wheelock.

and what do you know!

my secondary school classmate works at epi centre and i told her i am so tempted to get a mac. she shared with me her experience with mac and how she has been using it for the last 3 years with no problems. she told me about mac’s many features and many wonders…

this is fate at work, i think. 😀

i am completely won over now.

and you know what, the battery can last 7 hours.

i’m going to experience city dweller bliss… let’s hope they have christmas sale or something!

oh my, oh my!

i am so excited!


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