overheard this evening

i was alone at starbucks this evening getting a fix of my latest addiction – caramel frap.

as i was writing away in a little corner of starbucks, my mind overheard a conversation happening not too far away.

it was between a boy and a girl. i heard the girl calling the boy a term that rhymed with dips, or was it sips? and i heard the boy telling the girl she was a whole lot of fun or maybe he was just calling her hun.

i shall call them sips and huns.

sips was whining away and huns pointed out that he sounded like a baby.

sips asked. “sounds like whose baby?”

huns played coy, giggled and replied “i wouldn’t know who you belong to…”

sips responded, “so hard to get you to do certain things sometimes, stubborn cow.”

i hear the sound of more giggles.

sips then probed further, “whose baby?”

i turned to look at huns. she was blushing away and giggling girlishly. you could almost hear the words in her heart just by looking at the expression on her face.


your baby.


but huns didn’t say it. she played with her hair, giggled and told sips it’s time to go home.

i chuckled to myself in my little corner.


young love can be so cute.


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