drained by the third

it’s only the 3rd day and i’m feeling drained already! 3 intense days of working from 8.30am – 7pm with no music to listen to.

between the scouring of documents from old files and flipping through the scoured files to understand the transactions in details and figuring out the SAP like system and trying to do everything from scratch mostly on my own – i find myself totally happy, totally satisfied and totally exhausted.

i’ve been tasked to do a write up tomorrow on capex acquisition and disposal. a little scared cos i’ve never drafted anything like that before and it has been so long since i touched on items of this nature.

this is the kind of fear i was seeking.

i am actually researching on this now, downloading countless write ups for reference and understanding. there is a lot of information available on the net.

i am so unbelievably tired but i’m still sitting here downloading reports to read.

fear really drives me. haha.


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