starry starry night


like many others, i love this painting.

it is so beautiful i have decided to put this as my iphone wallpaper.

i managed to watch a clip on vincent van gogh at the omni theatre last week and i have decided to spend some time reading up on his life and art work. how can a man of such talent sell only one painting in his 37 years on Earth?

and it is interesting to note that i am at a point in life where i am experiencing with more colours for my wardrobe and various aspects of life.

like van gogh, his earlier painting were of dark colour. one day, he discovered colour and continually use it to it’s fullest potential in his painting.

i am discovering colour all over again – almost making a clear attempt to avoid buying clothes that are black, white or gray. my new wardrobe is all about mixing things up with various shades of blue, purple, plum, white and pink. there is a lot less black but i can’t still walk away from grey for i love to dwell in grey areas and mix it up with colours of the rainbow kind.

i got myself started and now i cannot stop exploring colours.


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