heading to work with all your love

tomorrow is my first day in an unfamiliar territory.

i will remember your love, wishes and concern. hopefully, that will help me survive miserable first days with a smile.

i’m heading to unfamiliar ground with familiar love all over me! i’m going there all prepared…

i will be wearing the gorgeous classy watch i received from my department.

i will be carrying the equally gorgeous agnes b tote i received from 48 lovely friends and colleagues.

i will be wearing the clothes and bringing the wallet i bought with the vouchers my friends and colleagues have given me.

i will be bringing along one of the many biscuits my department has given me in case i am hungry and there is nothing for me to eat.

i will be bringing along a notebook shirley gave me many christmas ago.

i will be bringing my favourite muji calculator (i found it in my drawer although i don’t remember putting it there) because it has accompanied me at work for 3 – 4 years.

i will be bringing my pen bag because i can’t decide which pen to bring.

i will be wearing my current love, the sweet honey smelling, Chloe perfume and hope with all hope that i will be as well and as good there.



heading to bed.

i need to wake up at 6.30am tomorrow to reach work at 8.15am.


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