going to tioman is an adventure itself

talk about last minute.

i just knew this morning (3am to be very specific) that my trip to tioman is confirmed and i wouldn’t have known it if i didn’t check my spam email folder.

can you imagine?

i can’t because i emailed them earlier yesterday asking whether my trip was confirmed and they said no. an hour later, they send my trip confirmation email to my spam email folder which i didn’t read until 3am.

i was shocked! i could have missed my trip, be charged for a trip for nothing and made arrangements to go batam instead.

so close.

i’ll take this as fate’s way of telling me i am destined to go tioman this time round.

we were ready to give up on going to tioman because all we got after knocking on the doors of 3 or 4 quaint and offbeat resorts was “sorry, we are fully booked.”

maybe i should go open a resort in tioman too.

so yay, just when i was about to turn my back on tioman and head to batam, it decided to come back for me. i was ready to go down to a tour agency and book a trip to batam this morning – these strange twist of events.

so i guess i really am going to tioman!

thank goodness the flight is in the afternoon because i don’t have time to do much packing today!



  1. YuHui

    opening a resort is damn expensive la…The cost of running and backends…man…too much work and moolah..LOL

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