beggars can’t be choosers

by some stroke of luck, we managed to get a package deal to berjaya beach resort, tioman at i just need another stroke of luck for them to confirm my reservation.

i have no freaking clue why everyone is going to tioman. almost every quaint resort i wrote to told me they are fully booked. no kidding!

i was very tempted to click on my luxurious jungle living resort but the disparity between 3300 and 1600 RM is so huge that i had to pause and reflect on my indulging ways.

stay on cliff?

i can get my agnes b wallet….

stay on cliff?

i can’t imagine the scary credit card bills…

stay on cliff?

i am supposed to save money….

stay on cliff?

i still need to get myself a notebook…

stay on cliff?

sighs…ok ok, i shall forgo my desires and head to the run of the mill commercialised beach resort.

but it’s the cliff…..

i know.

if this booking doesn’t get confirmed, we’re going to go bang our heads against the wall head to holiday inn, batam. my sister just came back from there and she said it’s not bad!

it’s the second time i’m planning and booking trips and i do enjoy the process a lot. i just need a more powerful notebook and more time to make the experience less teeth clenching.

heading to bed.

i shall leave it to fate to decide if i should

1. go to the commercialised beach resort

2. go to batam

3. go to siloso beach resort, singapore

4. don’t go anywhere.

sometimes, i like leaving things to fate, or perhaps, more accurately, i like not trying too hard to achieve things because when it does happens, i feel like “hey, maybe that was meant to be.” and i do enjoy feeling that way towards most events in life because the sense of awe and wonder makes me more compelled to appreciate and enjoy the experience.


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