sort of back from a sort of long hiatus

i haven’t been blogging seriously for a while because i have been so busy. there are so many things i want to share and tell but i just do not have the capacity to do that at the moment.

life has been a whirlwind since the beginning of 2009. i was down, i was out, i was confused and i was extremely unmotivated. a book i found in april lifted my spirits and i have been experiencing immense joy ever since. i still have my moments but i know now that things will come to pass eventually.

life took an interesting turn in late march/ april too, in the very same month i picked up book. i was encouraged by nikko to go for a job interview which i resisted for weeks because i had no plans to quit in 2009. finally, i gave in and pass her my resume.

everything was a blur from then onwards.

between april and may, i went for 2 interviews and got an offer towards the end of june. through the 3 months, i was sometimes for it and sometimes against it. many questions were asked and many questions were thought through with a frown on my face. i spoke to many people and listened to what they had to say. after many rounds of deep contemplation, i took the route that seemed like the best to me.

thinking is a long process. i encouraged all to think about what you want in life seriously because it is easier to react to opportunities/threats in life when you know exactly what you want. think with a sober mind not when you’re under pressure to make a decision. i was preoccupied for days and sometimes weeks because i didn’t know what i really want. my heart was divided until the very last minute.

a new chapter in my career begins next month. i hope it will be as fruitful as the wonderful years i had with my current company.

in between the torment of deep contemplation, i was busy with birthday preparations, training, work, spiritual enrichment & meeting up with friends i virtually had no time to do other things. my life has reached the point where yesterday’s event seems like a few weeks ago. i also have a few special projects on hand that is draining me entirely. i’ve resorted to sitting at bus stops for inspirations.

i will be very busy with handover & the finalisation of my projects for the next 2 weeks.

i want to enjoy my last 14 working days to the fullest! i also want to make sure i have the chance to say goodbye to everyone i love.

so i guess that’s another 14 days break from the blog!? 😀



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