another one bites the dust

i cleaned my room from 1 to 9pm today – i did plenty today and it feels good. progress is good! but i am absolutely tired. the goal was to get a 5 drawer cabinet out of the room but i ended up cleaning and shifting the bookshelf too. the cabinet was originally home to barbie dolls, my sister’s school textbook, board games, cards, dvds and vcds.

my sister cleared the barbie dolls a while ago so today my time was dedicated to clearing the remaining items.

we decided to give away all the puzzles in the cabinet. much of our childhood was spent doing this with mum in the living room.

my favourite puzzle is of these killer whales.

and puzzles we never got around to doing because it was too difficult…

my sister’s game which i never really understood the point in playing… haha.

this bob dog poker card has history man. julian came over to stay over at our place and she took the poker card home without our knowledge. when she got back home, her dad was surprised to find the cards in her bag and realised she took them without our permission. her dad was furious, drove her back to our place, and demanded she apologise to us. i still remember little julian crying and saying sorry at the door… awww…

i found this behind the old 5 drawer cabinet. can’t remember what it’s called but we used to play this when we were young. supposed to shoot some coloured coin like object across this board…

a 5 drawer cabinet from my dad’s era. it was heavily vandalised by me and my sister when we were kids.

my room was this messy during the clean up…

after pushing the cabinet out of the room and re-arranging the bookshelf, i gathered all the mess to a corner : –

most of the items are going to be put on ebay. if ebay venture fails, i’ll just sell it to cash converter. 🙂

some good news today.

1. grandma says the wardrobe is in good condition and would love to take it if we do not want it anymore because 5th uncle’s wardrobe is too old. how cute.

2. grandma wants to give my bed to 5th uncle too cos his bed is creaky and old. how cute.

my mum told me this with a sad look. i told her “take lah! please feel free to take” and then she said “‘but we don’t know anyone who delivers such a big wardrobe.”

me: there are people out there who do that!

mum: but need money….

me: omg. this is a really small issue…don’t worry about it….

hahaha. of all things to worry… really.

uber cute.

i love spending saturdays cleaning. 🙂



  1. YuHui

    I totally still remember the part where she was crying at the doorway man.

    And hey there was a period of time you liked Battleship lo.

  2. chloe

    i think i only played battleship twice!

    hahaah….yes yes, need to clear. let me sort out my things for u to clear first. hahaha…

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