23-05-2009 aka graduation day

i have finally graduated!

my parents looked really proud and that made me feel a bit better about having to go through the whole boring graduation ceremony.

i found the speeches by mr. icpas and the prize winner very inspiring and moving. i felt like crying when they talk about the struggles of juggling school and stressful full time work. i think most part time students can relate to that.

off to send in application to be a CPA!


i couldn’t find my parents when the graduation ceremony was over. i tried calling them but their phones were off. i i tried searching for them at the reception area but there were so many people hanging around it was almost impossible to spot them. i returned back to the graduation hall and sat alone while everyone returned to their families. i couldn’t take off on my own either because my belongings were with mum. after 30 minutes, i decided to try my luck at the reception area again.

suddenly, i heard my mum calling out my name. ah, there they were – tuck in a corner helping themselves with the refreshments.


i didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when they replied…

“sorry, we were too hungry so we dashed out before the ceremony ended…”

hahahaha…. 😀



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