canon ixus 100 is

is absolutely gorgeous in red.

in an ideal world, i would own a compact, a prosumer and a dslr because nobody lugs a dslr around for get-together shots, not everyone knows how to use a prosumer and sometimes you just need a ultra compact to do the job!

i love my camera but it’s almost impossible to cam whore with it. it’s also very difficult to tell people to “hold it firm!”, “wait for it to focus!” before you press the button. i love exploring the camera but not everyone does. it’s a very personal camera and not one which you can pass around randomly and ask people to take pictures of you. it is also heavy. haha.

i avoid using the flash for night shots because i prefer to shoot in “program ae” mode and i always have to explain to them when to click, how to hold and tell the subjects to be still. haha.

i also noticed that the pictures comes out very bright and clear – looks great on scenery but not so awesome on people. not sure is there something i need to adjust first – yes, after getting it for 9 months, i still haven’t found time to truly explore it.

yh refused to touch my camera “ah!! i don’t know how to use.”

see soon teased me “see, it’s always your camera people don’t know how to use.”

but i still love my camera because it’s a good thing to work on before one gets a dslr!

i just have to make do with the fact that i won’t be in the pictures very much.

hur hur.


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