3 days of almost zero work makes me a rested girl

i was on leave today. the original plan was to spend it with nikko – we made plans to have breakfast at maxwell market, buy glo minerals products at cutislaser, lunch at lei gardens, go to a DIY shop to get measuring tapes, watch night at the museum 2 and window shop!

however, nikko fell sick today but was nice enough to bring me to cutis laser and lunch at lei garden with me. she went home to rest after lunch – could see her looking more and more sick with each passing hour.

it has been a while since i took leave to wander around alone. i didn’t want to do too much either cos my leg was aching so i hanged around city hall. i even cancelled my evening appointment in orchard because just imagining the journey was tiring enough.

so after getting glo minerals and lunching at lei gardens (the egg tarts are so yummy!), i headed to the malls. it’s been a good 2 days retail therapy but i am glad and proud much of it wasn’t frivolous spending!

  • drx toner, cleanser, cf & sunblock because i ran out of these weeks ago
  • $170 8 sessions pedicure package my toe nails are severely damaged – even the therapist was horrified – so i swear i will take care of my nails.
  • nourishing, strengtening and protective aids in the form of oil and coats for my nails because they are yellow, brittle, dry and have ridges. one of the nails broke last week.
  • glo mineral foundation, primer and concealer because i’m running low on everything and mineral make up works for oily skin.
  • blush, concealer and face brushes because my blush brush is a goner (sighs…it was supposed to last a life time and i spoiled it!!)
  • hair serum because i’m running low on it too – i switched from a $50 keratase hair serum to a $25 lucidol hair serum.
  • measuring tapes (room revamp!)
  • twilight and the boy in the striped pyjamas dvd. i know some will kill me for saying this is the same breath but both are good movies to me and i need to reward myself with some dvds…
  • hannah montana soundtrack – it puts a smile on my face

i wanted to look at shoes and clothes but just wasn’t in the mood to do any of that.

i can’t wait to go on leave again… 🙂


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