daunting task ahead

i spoke to my dad about our planned room revamp last sunday and i’m thrilled to say the little chat went well.

i thought it went miraculously well because i totally forgot i had to talk to my dad about the room revamp.

3 weeks ago, i prayed and wished and hoped that my dad will be in a good mood for such a chat on the coming sunday. i prayed long and hard because i honestly wasn’t looking forward to such a talk. the next day, i woke up to my parents yelling at each other so that basically meant i should let the topic slide today. i wanted to go “huh!! no one heard my prayers??” but decided to just continue praying the good prayer.

one week passed. i was in the room with my dad but i totally forgot about the conversation i wanted to have with him. i continued playing with my iphone until he spoke to me about something which i cannot remember now. we chatted and chatted until a voice in my head said “eh!!! talk about the room revamp!!” and i was like “omg! how could i forgot!”.

the timing, the pace of the conversation and his mood were all right. i didn’t get yelled at – he even laughed (kindly) at the idea that i could put another bed in the room. i told him we need the bed, we need to get rid of everything in the room and we need a bigger study area. i also told him we are going to do it gradually because we need to save money to buy new furnishings. i also told him i will call the town council to move those cabinets! expectedly, he said he wanted those cabinets because the wood is good. i was like “sure man, as long as it’s out of my room.” 😀

lesson to learn from this?

1. faith and patience do pay off because i have no control over perfect timing.

2. talk to people respectfully.

my boss always tells me courtesy begins with oneself…


anyway, we haven’t been doing much cleaning since the last attempt. sister cleaned the barbie dolls today because our cousin wants it for her lovely kids. i cleared my magazines. still wondering where can i sell the vcds and books….

next week, we will be figuring out how to find temporary storage space for the things inside our 2 shelves and 5 drawer cabinet.

truly daunting.



    • YuHui

      Juju! We will filter out the worthy stuff for you!!! =))

      Tell us what you need and we look out for it.

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