no longer queen bee

tcm healed by hives by giving me 3 days of diarrhea – lots of toxins to dispel, i guess.

i was so weak from all the trips to the washroom that i allowed myself to be sprawled across the bedroom floor. my mum walked in and got a shock because she thought i fainted.

by 6pm yesterday, i decided that i had enough of this diarrhea and took 2mg of loperamide. ah, the relief that slowly seep through my stomach over the next 3 – 4 hours was so comforting – like someone decided to wrap my stomach in a warm blanket. i was in bed from 7pm onwards – too weak and too tired to move –  and i just continued to lie there until i fell asleep at 12.30am.

i must say i feel a whole lot better now after battling hives and diarrhea for almost a week. i have decided to drink cooling tea every week, eat fruits everyday and drink more water because i don’t want to get hives again!! the ordeal is just so…. unbearable.

better to take charge now than regret later…


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