graduation. oh! graduation!

i totally forgot about my graduation ceremony on 23 may.

was lying in bed 2 nights ago when i suddenly realised my graduation ceremony is 2 weeks away. that thought made me realised i have not received anything regarding the gown collection –  in truth, i found the letter of notifcation from acca while cleaning the desk the next day.

i decided to file the letter under “to action” and come back to it when i have recovered from hives and diarrhea.

as usual, i forgot about it again until 15 minutes ago. i took out the letter and decided to place it on the desk (a prominent area) and look at it tomorrow. (i know, i’m quite the procrastinator.)

but a voice told me to take the letter out from the envelope and read it now.

i decided to listen to the voice.


i was supposed to send in my reply by 8 may and that’s last friday!


i’m going to call them first thing tomorrow morning and tell my 4 day mc sad story….


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