hives scare

monday evening @ work

had a lemon biscuit and a chocolate walfer before dinner. neck started to itch. edmund commented “maybe your hair’s dirty”. shoulder started to itch. the back, the butt, the thigh and the legs were all itching crazily by 10pm.

i left office exhausted and itchy.

took a shower. leg was all red. poured lots of prickly heat powder on the skin to calm the angry rash.

at 12.45am, i fell asleep.

by 2am, i was up in bed scratching my body off. wheals everywhere except for the face. it was just horrible.

i went to the kitchen and contemplated my options.

changi hospital or 24 hr clinic. i decided to find a 24 hr clinic first considering how dangerous hospitals are these days. haha. i googled for a 24 hr clinic in the east using iphone (oh! God bless steve jobs!) and found a clinic near bedok interchange.

time was 2.30am.

i changed my clothes and woke up my dad up. my dad asked me “you can’t endure until morning?” haha.

i reached the clinic at 3am.

the doctor looked at my me and said “wow. this is an allergic reaction.”  and proceed to ask me a string of questions. he decided to give me a jab of prednisone on the lateral thigh (the arm will not be able to endure this, was what he told me).

he gave me 2 days mc and steriods. the bill came up to $84, including a consultation fee of $64.00.

i was out of it in 30 minutes. the wheals went away. i no longer itch. however, i was extremely weak and tired. my limbs were wobbly and i almost fell down when getting dressed. i was like all over my bed the whole day.

wednesday afternoon @ work

some red patches started to appear on the legs but it went away. didn’t felt too bad throughout the day and left office at 12.30am. i left my medication at work.

by 1.30am, my neck was itching again. i told myself to endure until morning comes but it was just too much for me. it was better than monday evening because it was neck to thigh and not neck to feet but it was equally itchy and painful.

4.30am, i got out of bed to pace around the house. i wanted to endure till morning but my dad woke up at 5.15am and saw me pacing around the house. i showed him the hives and he decided we should go see the doctor.

5.30am. the doctor looked at my legs and told me how common hives is. gave me the same medication but decided not to give me the jab. “let the hives run it’s course.” *jaws drop* the doctor is very young and very cute but he looks super sleepy.

i was given another 2 days mc and the bill came up to $74.

i went home, took the pills that will reduce itch and cause drowsiness. i didn’t sleep until 8am and i woke up 3 hours later to my dad hammering the cabinet. my legs were full of wheals.

went to see my tcm doctor and she told me i will be well in 3 days and that it has nothing to do with food or fabric allergy. it was purely the imbalance of the body. haha.

i went home and took the tcm prescription and the wheals went away within an hour. ah. lovely! and it didn’t leave me in total fatigue or drowsiness.

let’s hope the med work through the night…. 🙂


i think i have utilised half of the mcs i am entitled to in a year…


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