staff retreat 2009 : bintan lagoon

this year’s retreat was expectedly more subdued than the previous year. i’m sure loads of people had loadsa crazy fun but we kept it pretty mellow this year.

well, my boss wanted the retreat to be a team building session and it was great fun because we got to know each other on a more personal level. i just love the fact that we are now closer than ever! we played dai dee, had cup noodles for supper, played indian poker at the terrace while gulping down jugs of bintan beer and got upclose and personal with our chats into the wee hours of the weekend mornings. we slept late and woke up early to walk the beach.

this retreat was memorable because i got sabo-ed to appear twice on stage – one as a pseudo guitarist and the other was a siamese twins dance with erik because i was nominated to be an lhub-idol. i remembered giving both jenice and syaiful the ???!!!! look as i walked up the stage. 2 of my bestest friends are in the retreat committee and they kept this from me!! my dear boss spent the entire trip reminding me of the dance moves!

i didn’t have a good impression of bintan lagoon because of snobbish hotel guests, overpriced everything and the horribly humid weather. the trip was made enjoyable because of the people around me. it’s a pity i didn’t get to spend much time with syaiful – we were hoping to repeat the dai dee sessions we had at genting but i guess, there is always next time! 🙂


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