swine flu

i coughed a couple of times at watsons today and a young lady turned around to look at me. this reminded me of the SARS period because the whole bus stared at me while i was trying my damnest to suppress a hugely irritating cough.

at least, they didn’t chase me out of the shop or kick me out of the bus.



  1. Charlene

    our country people tends to be on the high end of the paranoid side. 🙂 Try sneezing and i bet they will cover their mouth and walk out of the shop! Lolx

  2. Syaiful

    wah kiasu and ugly singaporean. next time i sneeze i must shout…. “AHHHHH SWINE AND SWINE AH!” loud loud… kns…. make sure all run away.

  3. chloe

    hahaha…chill chill, i guess it’s normal for ppl to be paranoid.

    but sporean also strange…paranoid but don’t wear mask….

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