project room revamp


my sister and i did a fair amount of cleaning and clearing today. we cleared our 2 drawers of barbie doll stuff, 4 shelves of vcds/dvds/cds, textbooks and story books.

we are trying to free the right wall of the room from cabinets so that we have enough wall space to house 2 beds and 2 tables. some things can be donated, somethings can be given away and some things have to be trashed – the remaining items that doesn’t fall into these categories have to be placed in the left wall of the room or on our study table before the new shelvings, tables and wardrobe come into the room.

i’m glad and appreciative of the fact that my sister just wants the room to be revamped by end of this year. this gives us enough time to buy over parents hearts, source for furniture, plan properly and save money until the time comes for the purchase.

next saturday will be cleaning session #2, i guess. if we don’t feel like cleaning, we can walk ikea and eat meatballs.

i’m learning a lot of things because of this room revamping and a lot of it i learnt from nikko. she has provided guidance on:

– tactical ways to throw things you don’t want without parents knowing.

– fengshui

– enlisting the help of town council/salvation army to remove bulky items

– ikea furnitures

– dirt cheap ways to avoid sleeping under beams

i have also received encouragement and ideas from my lovely boss and friends over this project.

let this be a journey of self discovery and a whole lot of fun!



  1. Nicole

    hahaha i still got alot of stupid ideas to clear the clatter…let you know if any comes to my mind…meanwhile have fun cleaning..hopefully with the revamp, everything goes smoothly for more nightmares..and better sleep better health!

  2. chloe

    juls :i thought i passed all my SV to you?

    charlene: hahaha!!! it belongs to my sister! i’m glad she cleared it though.

    nicole: thank you girl!!!!! i will come to you for more tips. 😀

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