my lovely brother agony

i have a friend name derek.

he appears in my life every april or when i am in great despair to remind me to take stock of my life or how off tangent i am from my destined life.

i think of him once in a while – like “oh, i have a friend name derek who was my brother agony for a good 10 years, whom i met online when i was 14, who used to be a banker, who went to ACJC, who is really smart, who thinks i’m really smart too, who thinks i was exactly like him in his younger days, whom i only met twice in my life, who used to love it when i ponder about life and the meaning of my existence, who ask me very very difficult questions about life and it’s purpose and who always hope that i have progressed in some ways since the last time he spoke to me. ”

well. it is april. i am in great despair. i didn’t progress the way we both wanted.

after one year of silence, he is in my inbox again doing his annually care and concern check on me.

i love my brother agony.

i love my smart, eloquent, caring, wise and sometimes very irritating brother agony.

some people really do care.

he is one of them.



  1. vam

    for once i thought we know the same person till i came across this line… “who was my brother agony for a good 10 years” =.=

    so how’s auntie mushroom…? still leaving office / sleeping at weird hours…? tapping your feet and singing on the train..? still O_O when you see familiar faces in malls..??

    arrr~ when was e last time i bugged you on msn manz~~

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