“i’m so amazed with her priorities in life”

julianne treated me to an indonesian dinner at garuda on monday. the food is delicious and i don’t mind going back there again.

we chatted over a long dinner and continued over iced vanilla earl grey (bad choice) at the coffee club. i love listening to julianne talked about her work because it is so much more demanding, fascinating and humbling compared to the office work that i do.

nursing is a very noble profession.

i listen in awe and admiration to her exhausting shift work (8 nurses to 44 patients), her demanding reporting hours – work starts at 7.30 for morning shift but most of the team members arrive at 6 to do preparation work, the unnecessary stress and guilt she imposes on herself, the lack of time for breaks and food (she eats sweets to maintain her blood sugar level) and the patients she meet at work.

try coping with full time nursing job and part time studies at the same time.

try coping with all that with a rather unattractive pay.

so i have nothing but admiration for my dear cousin.

she told me there was a nurse who looked and sounded like me. i couldn’t help smiling when she said “she look and sound just like you, when i close my eyes, it’s just like talking to jie jie so i like talking to her.” so sweet lah!


she also said she want to go for coffee because it has been a while since she went out and talk to anybody.  i couldn’t resist such a sweet remark even though i was very tired.

it was a great time spent. so very nice to catch up once in a while and i am just mightly glad to have such a sweet and sensible cousin!


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