not cheap to graduate

graduation ceremony fee : $220

gown deposit fee : $150

provisional membership application fee : $107

provisional membership annual fee : $96.30

5 day pre-admission course to be CPA : $535.00

non practising member application fee : $428

non practicising member annual fee : $149.80





feeling of being called a CPA? priceless.



  1. Nicole

    wa you managed to find out all liao ah..tell me lei! I’m still totally clueless..let’s apply for the Car Park Attendant together since times are so freaking bad!

  2. Nicole

    Chloe will tend to Bukit Merah carpark…haha I will attend to Beach Road carpark..Soon Kuan will attend to West Coast Carpark..ho ho ho

  3. kennie

    u just made me visualise Chloe wearing that uniform, wearing that white hat, wearing big shades, carrying an umbrella and punching my number plate into a PDA.

    wah … so expensive to be a “CPA”.

  4. chloe

    nicole : actually, i didn’t read up. i just briefly glanced through and i find it so sian liao. haha

    kenneth: you think too much! haha.

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