slumdog millionaire




after watching “the curious case of benjamin button”, i couldn’t understand why it wasn’t sweeping film awards. after watching slumdog last night, i knew why it swept fim awards everywhere. i thought it was really good! i love the way the story was told and the way the film was directed. i love the music! i love the energy of the film! i love how colourful it was! i love the little boy who played Jamal. i love the beginning when the boys were being chased and they ran frantically through the streets of the neighbourhood. the energy was so infectious and that energy was carried throughout the whole film.

the film is awesome.

throughout the movie, i was both awed and appalled by their living conditions, the children’s way of fighting for survival through stealing and cheating and that evil man who collects children and train them to be professional beggars. it was heartbreaking to hear the children say “if he (the evil man) gives us second, he must really be a saint!”. it was also heartbreaking to watch the boy who could sing lose his eye sight – the things the evil man did to make them more attractice as beggars.

all that was easy to forget because the film ended on a such a high note but these are the most important things to remember from the movie – how less than desirable living conditions and lack of proper education doesn’t mean you have less of a shot in learning about life and the general knowlegde it offers and how honesty and hardship will bring about later successes.

it is written.

jamal : come away with me.

latika : and survive on what?

jamal pauses for a moment and said with all wide eye innocence and sincerity…



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