hovering at the starting line

i’m supposed to start training in January to prepare for all the marathons at the later part of this year but i haven’t done a single thing yet because i have been busy and lazy.

i want to start but the idea of running is so daunting and i don’t like running around my estate. i actually want to run at ECP because it is such a nice place to run but i can’t imagine taking a cab down, run and taking a cab back.


i was never big on marathon but the people around me seems to like running alot. xiaobai, vincent, charlie, syaiful, kenneth, james, nikko, michelle and jenice. they keep asking me to run, run, run but i continue to lie flat on the couch.




  1. Nicole

    Dont have to run a marathon..just start by taking part in one..and DON’T end up listening to your ipod and your mind wandering off to somewhere. You will like running 😛

  2. kennie

    cannot give u $1,000 if u dont even have motivation to fight for $10 right? U should watch “I not stupid 1”.

    quote – U want ur freedom… i will give it to u….. step by step – unquote

  3. kennie

    nice one nicole!

    for every 4km u run, i will give u a 2-piece chicken wing rebate; only redeemable at the completion of your NEXT 4km run.

  4. Nicole

    After reading your recent entry..I’ll run with curry and roti prata in front of you..You want with egg or without egg?

  5. chloe

    you know, why not say, “true love awaits at the end of __km run”. true love in the form of edward cullen!

    haha. this would mean so much more than an ocean of curry, a continent of chicken and an island of prata!

  6. kennie

    Honestly, the ocean of curry, the continent of chicken and the island of prata, sounds more achieveable than true love in the form of Edward Cullen at the end of __ km.

    Fine then. For this year’s marathon, u shall pin an “Adidas reason to run” tag behind ur T shirt and it shall read,

    “Edward Cullen’s true love awaits me at the finishing line!”

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