i’m done with school!

i’ve cleared my last 2 papers! i’m done with accounting school!  i am finally an acca affiliate after 4 long gruelling years.

yay! i hope that equate to a pay raise though?!

i want to thank everyone who has encouraged me in one way or another during my study break – thanks to xiaobai who gave me a motivating speech over msn when i was feeling disheartened; nikko and sk who met up with me and cheered me on over ben and jerry ice cream; jenice whom i whined weekly to; kenneth who spurs me on every other day and my dear mum who buys me breakfast every morning, makes me tea every afternoon and cooks me dinner in the evenings to keep my studying spirits going!

special thanks to Syaiful, whose encouragment, went on and on and on like a pleasant broken record from 20 Nov to 12 Dec, who prayed for me to pass and who made me watch a horror movie in the middle of study week!



  1. chloe

    hahahaa, heng, you’re so witty, as usual. 😀

    eh, syaiful, i need to treat all my friends to a celebratory dinner…and i think i need to buy you the biggest meal…but too bad you on diet liao…. haha

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