it’s nothing to worry about

i just realised i have been visiting the doctor almost every other month. this is either a sign of my dwindling tolerance for discomfort or my deteriorating health.

went to see my favourite doctor on friday because i have been experiencing slight numbness in my left arm for the last 3 weeks and it doesn’t go off as quickly as it normally should.

on top of that, i had a scare in the wee hours of friday morning. one of the nerves located 7.5” down the middle of my shoulder blade was throbbing with such intensity i woke up from my sleep. i don’t remember feeling breathless. i was just very sleepy and very bothered by the intense throbbing. made an attempt to soothe the throb away by massaging the spot and i felt better after a while. the throbbing made me anxious though because it was throbbing so fast. the spot was very sore when i woke up in the morning.

the doctor told me the throbbing is due to the stress i have caused on my chest and rib. i might also have pinched my nerves by relying too much on my left shoulder to carry heavy things. his advice to me? “find a boyfriend and ask him to carry things for you lah. confirm won’t ache again.” haha. according to him, other than the numbing, everything else doesn’t need my worrying.

before that happens, i am to watch my posture, exercise and refrain from carrying heavy things.


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